About Us

We are a team of Baristas and coffee and tea lovers, hoping to serve the community around us. We are certified in Coffee Farming, Milling, Roasting and Preparation by Coope Dota, a leading Coffee Producer of Costa Rica and have extensive relationships with coffee retailers in Los Angeles area and are members of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). We have also spent that time pulling together an ideal team for the Copa Vida concept. Our team includes award winning Baristas (regional Latte Art and Barista Cup winners) as well as a tea expert certified by the World Tea Expo and veteran in the food services industry.

Our Values

Our goal and vision is to be a cafe that is approachable and welcoming, authentic and transparent, and an engaged member of the local and global community.

Approachable and Welcoming - Coffee/Tea/Life

When a friend invites us for coffee, tea, and/or food, we know we're being invited to so much more than just getting caffeinated or nourished. They're asking us to join them for conversation and in the sharing of life. Cafes can provide the warm, friendly, and welcoming space that allow people to comfortably engage in this activity, and our Copa Vida space was intentionally designed with this end goal in mind. Our welcoming staff will strive to provide not just a quality product but also a quality experience. Copa Vida prides itself in providing some of the best coffees, teas, and food around. We partner with multiple roasters in order to showcase a variety of flavors and tastes for a myriad of palettes. We welcome guests with any level or perspective on what a good cup of tea or coffee means. Whether you like to customize your drink (with almond milk, real vanilla and chocolate, organic agave, etc.) or you're a purist (who enjoys pour overs, loose leaf tea, and single origin espressos), we will design our drinks to meet your needs.

Authentic and Transparent - Artistry and Quality

By the time it reaches your cup, the coffee bean has been picked, washed, sorted, pulped, dried, bagged, auctioned, shipped, roasted, packaged, delivered, measured, brewed then served. Tea is just as complicated and even more time consuming (some teas are fermented for years before being served). Because we are the final leg of a long relay to your cup, we consider ourselves Stewards of this process, and we take our role very seriously. We approach our brew and steep process with scientific accuracy in measurement and artistic creativity in delivery. We take great pride and responsibility in cupping and tasting all of our products to determine whether it meets our standards for quality. If you don't like it, we'll work with you to fix it. We program and formulate each tea and coffee to optimize its flavor profile and to bring to the cup a drink that also honors and represents all those who worked on it before us. We take the same approach to our food menu. The bread is baked in-house and the menu is kept simple and short so that we are able to fully control and oversee the quality of the dishes.

Community - Local and Global

In many cultures, the cafe is a central meeting place for the community. Cafes and Tea Houses (and its many iterations) have been critical to revolutions in politics, arts, science and literature as well as fashion and style. The French Revolution started out of conversations in a cafe. The Cafe Racers of London raced their motorcycles from one cafe to the next. Merchants of Venice, China, and Japan regularly held business negotiations over coffee/tea. Artists of the Impressionist era regularly met with one another in coffee shops throughout Europe to discuss their work and share ideas. We hope and strive to be a place of such meetings and gatherings. While we understand that times are different and that people meet over a variety of venues (including virtual ones), we work to provide a space that is open to such creativity. We welcome local musicians and artists to display their work in our shop and to creatively utilize this space. We also provide a venue for local businesses and entrepreneurs to meet and greet. Ultimately, we hope to develop long-term relationships with our customers while using coffee, tea and food as the vehicle for the relationship. We also believe that we are active members of the global community, and as such, we will do our part to promote sustainability. We believe environmental consciousness and long-term profitability go hand in hand. We believe that all those involved in the success of our business should be awarded fairly. We will work exclusively with those roasters and tea companies that are involved in Direct Trade or Fair Trade and we will embrace fair business practices in our dealings with vendors, employees, and customers.