Chelchele Natural, Ethiopia


ORIGIN: Gedeb, Ethiopia
VARIETIES: Indigenous Heirloom  Cultivars
ELEVATION: 1900 ~ 2200 masl

This is one of our most exciting Ethiopian coffees we have ever received. Coffee drinkers like to categorize Ethiopian coffees with just notes of blueberries but we know that no two Ethiopian coffees are the same. This coffee is no exception with notes of watermelon and hibiscus, we find that it is extremely sweet and floral. We can also find some earthy, tea-like tones such as Assam black tea. This coffee comes from METAD, a third generation family-owned business in Ethiopia with a rich history since the second world war. The family is involved directly with the local community providing employment and educational opportunities as well as health care support.

Watermelon / Hibiscus / Assam Tea


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