Leonel Castanada, Honduras


PROFILE: Experience
ORIGIN: Honduras
VARIETIES: Maragogype
PROCESSING: Natural Process
ELEVATION: 1450 masl

It’s an exciting experience when we have an opportunity to cup, select and purchase coffees at origin. We always learn something new. But this Maragogype varietal – from the farm of Leonel in Honduras – was even more exceptional in what it continued to teach and reveal to us over time. We’re keeping it a bit mysterious so not to cause harm on anyone’s reputation and as we still don’t have all the facts. Even in its bits and pieces, we’d like to share the story, because coffee is more than just a beverage to us.


Hario V60 Specs
Ratio: 1:16
Water: 25g or 400ml water
Water Temperature: 205°F or 96°C
Total Brew Time: 2 minute 45 second
Coffee Grind: Slightly coarser than kosher salt


Flavor Notes:   Cola  /  White Cranberry  /  Hazelnut



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