Tres Milagros Gesha


ORIGIN: Costa Rica
REGION: Dota Tarrazu
PROCESSING: Washed/Natural/Honey/Anaerobic/Mossto Combinations/custom made
VARIETALS: Sarchi/F1/Gesha/Heirloom
SOIL: Volcanic Soil / Clay
ALTITUDE: 1500-1700 masl

On January 2013, The Facusse Family (Honduras), teamed up with CAMILO MERIZALDE in order to develop TRES MILAGROS FARM in the Dota-Tarrazu region in Costa Rica. All the Technology and experience from Santuario Colombia was applied, to develop a very unique specialty coffee farm in Costa Rica. During the first years Bourbon coffee tress were planted, the following years we started with new several varietals. On 2020 we finished the construction on the new processing facility, helping us to control the quality of the coffees even better. Today we process our coffee cherries from Tres Milagros,  as well as cherries supplied by 12 farms under Santuario program.  The total production of the Proyect is : 1.500 bags from Tres Milagros plus 1.000 bags  from the associated farms.

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