18 Conejo, Honduras


ORIGIN: Honduras
REGION: Marcala
VARIETY: Mezcla, Catuai, Bourbon, Lempira, IHCAFE 90
ELEVATION: 1250-1500 masl


Earlier this year, the Copa Vida team had the opportunity to join a group of coffee roasters and professionals from across the country on an unforgettable coffee origin experience in Honduras. We visited the coffee farms in different regions, met the awesome people behind the scenes, and tasted so many exciting Honduran coffees. One of the amazing farms we visited was 18 Conejo, the first certified biodynamic coffee farm in the Americas. This family farm is majority women-owned and operated and continues to create opportunities for women to help them escape domestic violence and build a better future. The family employs biodynamic practices such as only using local, organic materials in their fertilizers to ensure sustainability. We invite you to experience this coffee with us and give appreciation to the hard working people who helped bring this coffee to our cups.
Flavor NoteS:  Maple Syrup / Granny Smith Apple / Macadamia Nut



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