Flor Del Rosario, Guatemala


ORIGIN: Guatemala
REGION: San Cristobal Verapaz
VARIETY: Bourbon & Catuai


Around 20 years ago, Horst Spitzke purchased Flor del Rosario, a lush farm in Cobán, the capital city of the northern department of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. Don Horst intended to graze cattle on the land, but it was ultimately too steep, and so he turned to coffee. He set out to teach himself everything he could, applying the same rigor, passion and attention to detail that made him a successful engineer in his earlier life in Germany – and that today explains the success of his milling processes and the consistency of his coffees. Flor del Rosario is approximately 500 hectares – 150 hectares of which is coffee, while the rest is natural forest. And still, the property’s most beloved attraction is its multi-story waterfall – la cascada – from which this coffee takes its name.  Regarding processing, because Cobán is a very misty region, Don Horst dries his coffee on a concrete patio for two days and then sends it to be fully dried by machine.
Flavor Notes:  Caramel  /  Toasted Almonds. /  Black Cherry



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