Los Amigos, Honduras



Located in the very middle of Central America, Honduras is a country that shows off with its natural beauty. Endless forests meet lone roads cutting through. Some people even refer to Honduras as the “Green lung“ of Central America. Some of the lush mountain ranges are dedicated to the sweet and nutty Honduran coffees we have grown so fond of.

Owned by community leader David Lopez, the well-manicured farm of Finca Los Amigos serves as a model for other area farmers. David was born and raised in Siguatepeque, El Socorro. His parents were natives to their village as well. He became involved in agriculture from a very young age. His father saw his passion early on, and decided to enroll him in agricultural school where he earned his Bachelor‘s in agricultural

He began growing coffee in 2000, when an American friend of his observed there were no sources of work. This is where the name Finca Los Amigos originated. At 19, he joined COHORSIl Cooperative to obtain credit and training to grow the farm. In 2013, he began preparation of his first micro-lot from Finca Los Amigos with just 6 bags. In 2021, he was able to produce over 300 bags.

In 2017, he began expanding the production to offer wider varieties such as Catuai, Parainema, and Pacamara. He continues conducting experiments to improve the process and quality of his coffees. While managing the farm, he is also the father of 5 children, who he is teaching to continue the production to produce some of the best specialty coffee in Honduras.


ORIGIN: Honduras
REGION: Siquatepeque, El Socorro
VARIETY: Lempira/Catuai/Ihcafe90, Pacamara
PROCESSING: Fully Washed, Natural, Anaerobic
ELEVATION: 1600 – 1900  MASL
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