Copa Vida Roaster Sampler Box


Roaster Sampler Box — For both the explorers and the teeter-totters. This sample box is hand-picked by our roasting team, from the best of our Go • Enjoy • Experience coffees. Including of course, the Three Kings Holiday Blend. A perfect experience to gift and share!

  • Go – Heriberto, Colombia

This coffee comes to us from the Antioquia region of Colombia. More than 80% of this region is mountainous and it is mixed with a tropical climate; both of which are great ingredients for delicious coffee. This coffee was named after living grandfather of the Maya family…more

  • Enjoy – Chelchele Natural, Ehtiopia

This is one of our most exciting Ethiopian coffees we have ever received. Coffee drinkers like to categorize Ethiopian coffees with just notes of blueberries but we know that no two Ethiopian coffees are the same. This coffee is no exception with notes of watermelon and hibiscus, we find that it is extremely sweet and floral. We can also find some earthy, tea-like tones such as Assam black tea…more

  • Experience – Hingakawa Peaberry, Rwanda

A rare and exquisite coffee – An elegance of a people; Abakundakawa Rushashi coffee cooperative is represented by two women’s associations, Hingakawa and Dakundakawa. Hingakawa translates to “let’s grow coffee” and Dakundakawa translates to “we love coffee.”…more

  • Holiday Blend – Three Kings

We had a wonderful time selecting three coffees to develop a warm comforting winter holiday blend. Just like the Three Kings who came bearing gifts, each of these coffees brings something special to the cup…more

Each tin contains 60 grams (roughly 2.11 oz) of roasted beans

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